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Mass Global Payments

Mozaic reaches creators all over the world, making it easy to collaborate with and pay creators anywhere and at scale.



Between advances in technology and a global pandemic, we live in an age where people are creating together all over the world. As a global platform, we support payouts to over 199 major countries.



Global payments means multiple currencies. We process payments in over 135 currencies globally, so you can pay creators the way they want to be paid.



Our platform is kept up to date to meet the needs of enterprise companies and creators all over the world. Mozaic is available in
English, Spanish and French with support for additional languages and dialects.

Split Complicated Royalties? Easy.

Mozaic handles the calculations and payouts to your collaborators so you don’t have to.

Easily Split Music Royalties.

Whether you need to pay collaborators in other countries, recoup expenses before payouts or automatically split royalty earnings with your team – Mozaic makes it easy with simple Smart Contracts and flexible APIs for music distributors.

Split Earnings From Twitch and Other Interactive Platforms.

The team that wins together gets paid together with Mozaic. No more waiting for one team member to get around to paying everyone. Automatically split earnings on sites like Twitch, YouTube and others as soon as the competition is over.

Split Tips and Donations With Collaborators.

Influencers and collaborators of all kinds can split tips and donations with Mozaic’s powerful SplitLinks. Your fans can tip with their favorite payment method and Mozaic will divide the earnings however you see fit, effortlessly paying all of your collaborators.

Mozaic is

Receive payouts your way

Instant payouts with most bank debit cards, ACH using Plaid Integration, PayPal, Venmo and even Bitcoin are all options for getting paid.

Pay lower fees

Mozaic automatically gives you the payout options with the lowest cross-border fees so you know you’re getting the best price.

Get paid automatically

Funds are sent to your bank accounts every few days without any additional fees.

Automate Co-Payments with Built-In Connectors.




Mozaic aggregates all your data into synched intelligent reporting.

No more sorting through senseless reports. Our platform delivers a digestible view of your metrics, all at once.

A Global, Enterprise-Grade Infrastructure

Your business can collect commissions and royalties from partners, automatically.

Goodbye spreadsheets, hello automation. Our flexible payment flows can be customized by your artists’ specific deal terms, track, or territory. Mozaic powered by Jammber automates payment compliance such as 1099-Ks, PCI and OFAC. Facilitate payouts on the net or gross and even calculate expenses, recoupables and more.

With one to many payments, Mozaic is an enterprise-grade solution with unlimited scalability.

Mozaic was built to handle billions of payment transactions and data daily. We’ve created a high-velocity platform that allows large user groups to automate payments and royalty data quickly, allowing you to focus on growing your business.

Experience Mozaic for Yourself!

Get in touch with us below to schedule a demo of the platform.

Our Pricing


1.99% + $1

Capped at $25 per transaction

*FX fees apply for cross-border payments


Is your product team at capacity?


We’re here to help. Our white-label Mozaic solution offers the royalty and payment functionality you need, with the cohesive branding and little-to-no lift you want.


Contact us today and let us create a customized solution for you and your business.

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Modern, Powerful APIs

A powerful high level API lets you send test payments in minutes.

Coming Soon

Define smart agreements to split payouts

Mozaic smart contracts are a powerful way to describe and automate payouts your way.

Send cross-border, mass payments

A high level API allows you to send test payments within minutes.

Quick Start Recipes

Send payment pushes or payment requests with just 10 lines of code to get you started.

Interactive Documents

Get to know the API by executing test calls right from the documentation.


The API includes analytic endpoints to provide series data compatible with popular javascript charts.

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